Start at Level 1 - End at Level 105

You start with the items required for your character in 1st level. Initially, you will have Pet - Mount - Shaman and Costume for free, valid for 24 hours.

Complete Missions and Earn System for the First Time in the World!

You will be able to earn valuable items and money by completing the special missions we have given you. Thanks to this system, solo players can farm alone away from crowded groups.

Pick Up Where You Left Off!

When you drop out of the game in a boss room, you can pick up where you left off with one click!

In-Game Drop Search Mirror!

It's hard to find the items you're looking for in a game you don't know at all. With this mirror, you will be able to find out which monster or chest will provide you the item you are looking for.

Increase Your Fun with Global Gaming Community!

Tityos2 server opened in partnership with Turkey and Germany will let you enjoy your gaming with players from different countries!

24-Hour Support In 3 Languages! Turkish, English, and German

A global management team to a Global game! You will now be able to find solutions to your problems 24 hours a day via ticket within a maximum of 2 hours.

Updated Evolution and Belt System!

With the revolutionary evolution and belt system, we prevent the game from ending too soon! We will be with you with a befitting approach to a Farm Server.

Active Helmet and Bracelet Transform!

You will become even stronger with the transformation of internal items. Unlike the usual and very short-running PVP servers in Turkey & Germany, it is a project dedicated to long-lasting games.



Your characters will develop faster with this event, which will increase your character development during the specified hours.


You can drop this item from mobs and metin stones at certain times on certain days and earn valuable items from it.


This chest might let you earn valuable items by dropping from mobs at certain hours on certain days.


By collecting the cards and putting them in a certain order, you can win your lucky reward.